Original Art

I’ve been crafty and creative since forever.  My grandma was the one who would keep me occupied with projects after school and during Summer breaks.  Without her, who knows what I would be doing with my life right now.

Here’s an array of things I’ve made so far:

Pet Portraits & Cat Paintings
I love animals, especially cats, and pop-culture….why not combine the two!?  I also have a few commission pieces in here, too.

3Doodler “Drawings”
I’m proud to say I’m one of the original Kickstarter backers of the 3Doodler pen.  A 3D pen that works sort of like a hot glue gun, except is spits out melted plastic.  Not only can you draw left and right, but now you can draw UP!

Illustrations & Mixed Media
Over the years I think I’ve found “my style” of thick coloring book-like outlines.  What to color my drawings in is always a toss-up.  Watercolor, acrylic, marker, crayon, 3Doodler plastic, all sound good to me!

Other Random Pieces
When a canvas is too ordinary.