The Sketchbook Project

I have been participating in the Sketchbook Project for the past 5 years.  The first book I had only 30 days left to complete it before it was due, since I had only heard about it late into the year.  Needless to say it was rushed and not very good.  Ever since then I came up with themes for each year and settled on doing animals since 2014.

My crab from the 2014 book can be seen on the Sketchbook Project World Tour book, and a few drawings have been reposted on Sketchbook Project’s social channels.

5×7 Prints can be purchased through my Etsy shop.

2016: African Wildlife
I used Prismacolor markers for this book.

2015: Creatures of the Amazon
I used Prismacolor markers for this book.

2014: Marine Wildlife
I used Prismacolor markers for this book.

2013: Adventures of 2012
I used watercolor and drawing markers for this book.



I had never heard of Inktober until 2015.  It’s an annual challenge where you draw something each day in October. My problem is I never know what to draw, so I started using my Superfight game cards to make funny combinations to draw.