Birdo Munny Featured in “Everyday Is Play” Book

I was contacted by Matthew Kenyon of Game Paused on 5/22/13 in regards to a video games fan art book he was putting together via crowd-sourcing.  This sounded like an awesome project and he was interested in featured my custom video game themed Munnys.  So I sent him some options and low and behold, Birdo Bub made it into the “Everyday is Play” book!

IMG_2071IMG_2072 Birdo HI RES

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2011 GD USA Package Design Award

award-big Retail_DVD_front Retail-DVD-Back

In January I decided to enter the Modern Myth “The Bindlestiffs” DVD artwork into the 2011 Graphic Design USA (magazine) Package Design Awards contest. I felt very excited about the design, and figured I might have a shot at winning something. Low and behold, weeks after entering, I received a sturdy cardboard envelope that had a letter and certificate confirming that the design DID in fact win an award!

If you have a subscription to GD USA, keep an eye out for the next issue. If you don’t have a subscription, subscribe now…it’s free! Otherwise, it should be featured on in March.

And just in case you’re intrested, “The Bindlestiffs” DVD is available to purchase at

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Munnys featured in Nintendo Power


I received an email via Flickr from Andrew Hayward, a contributing editor for Nintendo Power magazine. He came across my Wind Waker Link Munny and was interested in covering it in the Community section of the magazine. I’ve been a subscriber to the magazine for years, so OF COURSE this was excited!

It felt like forever before the March 2011 #265 Issue of Nintendo Power came out. On 3/1/11  I rushed to a book store to see it in real life on Page 95. One of my biggest highlights of the year, for sure.

See the article below:


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Kidrobot Munny Month 2010 Winners

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.00.57 PM

100_2698Fish for Brains

I’ve been making custom Munnys for a little while and was really excited to find out that Kidrobot was hosting a Munny Month contest. I decided to enter two Munnys. One came with a fancy hat so I wanted to make a Justin Timberlake inspired GQ Munny. Another I wanted to do something I’ve never seen before….replace the head of a Munny for a fishbowl, and put an ACTUAL fish in it. Then It could be holding a fishing pole with a lure as if he was fishing for his own brain.

After 800+ entries from around the world were judged by a celebrity panel, results were in. GQ Munny won First Place in the Best Hipster category (I didn’t even know that WAS a category), and Fish For Brains won Third Place in Best Ingenuity (what I was aiming for).

Winning entries can be viewed here (although I think the link might not be working properly). I can’t wait for the next contest!

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