Curio Con

The first Curio Con, as a vendor, was…..a learning experience.  Attendance was poor due to many factors (mostly the lack of advertising both online and on-site, and possibly the fact it was on Mother’s Day weekend), so a lot of the vendors had to make the best of it, whether it be interacting with each other or bringing projects with them to work on.  Might as well be productive if nothing else is going on, right?  I happened to be able to do both.  I met a new “supplier” for blank vinyl figures and parts, and I also worked on more 3Doodler pieces.

I’m not sure I’ll be having a space as the next Curio Con (if there is a next Curio Con), or if I’ll ever be vending at the first of any other kind of convention after this experience.  Without proven success, it’s just and expensive gamble.

Posted by sillysyd