Pancakes & Booze – June 2017

I participated in my 4th Pancakes & Booze art show this past weekend, and it was great!  I debuted pieces that were both new to shows (the cats in boxes) and to the Pancakes show (the Stormtrooper and Bees, which everyone seems to love).  I brought some bee “specimens” that people also enjoyed.

The biggest kicks I got out of the show were my installation diagram that was dismissed (but still worked out!) and my pin bucket.  The Stromtrooper was supposed to stand on top of the black shelf I brought, but whoever installed the shelf installed it upside down, leaving not enough room for the Stormtrooper’s feet.  So Ryan and I shared the shelf with other stuff.  So the Stormtrooper stood on the floor, which was still fine.  It was big and bright enough for people to take notice.  Then the pin bucket…I started this idea during the last show where people to take a free unicorn pin if they follow me on Instagram.  I noticed that not everyone was READING the sign in the bucket.  They would just take a pin and not follow!  So this time I typed out another sign with funny small print, hoping that people would read the whole thing and be more obedient/amused.  I still had about 5 thieves out of maybe 20 honest new followers.  So those thieves will be getting impaled by a unicorn horn!


Posted by sillysyd