3Doodler Ambassador

It all started in 2014 when I decided to back “the world’s first 3D pen” on Kickstarter, the 3Doodler because it looked like a fun thing to experiment with.  My first 3Doodle was a shark.  And since then I’ve done all sorts of other figures, like an octopus, some Pokemon, hummingbirds, Haku from Spirited Away, Ironman, Star Wars figures, snowflakes, light displays, a wallet, and bees.  I’ve enjoyed 3Doodling live at the shows I have booth spaces at, and people are always interested in what I’m using and making.  Last year I met one of the co-founders of the 3Doodler, Max, without even knowing it, as he came to my booth, recognizing some of the pieces I’ve made.  He was really excited with what I was doing and it wasn’t until he handed me his business card, I realized who he was.

A few months later, whether Max had anything to do with it or now, I was contacted by 3Doodler, inviting me to become a Power Doodler (Brand Ambassador).  How could I say “no”?!  So now you’ll be seeing more of my work, and I’ll start to be doing some tutorials, which I’m excited about.  Make sure to follow my Sydtropolis accounts to keep up with my projects!

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Carrie Fisher Fan Art Tribute Show at The Perky Nerd

The Carrie Fisher Fan Art Tribute Show at The Perky Nerd in Burbank had to have been one of the most special feeling shows I’ve been a part of.  A light saber moment of silence was held for Carrie Fisher at 9pm….and it felt sad and magical at the same time.  It’s hard to explain.  Having the 501st Legion there made it even more special, too.

Carrie Fisher Light Saber Tribute [Video]

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Pancakes & Booze – January 2017

This year has started off great for my art side hustle, and it didn’t stop the momentum at the first Pancakes & Booze show for the year.  I got a lot of response to my Hipster Cat and Reptarsiclesaurus, and even SOLD my Stranger Things light!  The placement I got on the wall, next to Laura [something, will find out last name soon], with her Grizzly Care Bears and Star Wars paintings was perfect, too.  It was a great show!

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Ghibli 3: A Hayao Miyazaki Fan Art Show

A few years ago I bought the Studio Ghibli collector’s DVD set that had a lot of the animated films so that I could see what the fuss was all about, and started out with Grave of the Fireflies I believe.  And let’s just say it wasn’t long before I was telling myself that it WAS NOT a children’s cartoon!  It was a powerful and gut-wrenching story, though.  The art and animation style was nothing like I had seen before.  So after Grave of the Fireflies, I started Spirited Away.  It was a cute, imaginative story, and again, the art was great!  I began to see what so many people were inspired by it.  Eventually I watched My Neighbor, Totoro and instantly wished I had a Totoro of my own to cuddle and be friends with.    I’ve seen an handful of the other Studio Ghilbli films, but not all of the ones that came in the DVD set (it came with 17 after-all!)

Needless to say when I saw that Thumbprint Gallery had a Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki Fan Art show coming up, I had to make something!

Luckily I found a blank, loose Dudebox figure, which I believe are discontinued and originated in the UK, at DesignerCon.  I had been looking for one at a good price in the US for some time.  Granted, I wasn’t looking very hard, so it felt more like fate to have found it at the “garage sale” booth at my favorite convention.

I knew JUST what to do with it:  turn it into Totoro for the art show!  I’d even give it an umbrella and leaf hat.

The painting was pretty easy.  The umbrella, in my head, was easy, but when it came to forming the shell of the umbrella, things weren’t going as planned.  Plans A (foam and wire) and B (sheet of plastic heated over wire) did not work, and for some reason it took me too long to remember that I had a 3D printer!  And low and behold someone on Thingiverse had the perfect model!  I just needed to modify the handle, no big deal.  Once I got that done, things were going well.  The only problem I ran into was that when I moved Totoro’s arm to hold the umbrella, the paint around his armpits would scrape.  So I had to do a few touch-ups once I got it into the right position.

Here are the process pictures:

Here he is at the show:

And guess what?  He sold!

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My “Ugly” Christmas Sweater

This year at work they decided to have an Ugly Sweater contest at the Christmas Party.  I can’t resist a competition that could utilize my crafting skills, so I got to work!  Check out the making of my “ugly” sweater.

My Unicorn “ugly” Christmas Sweater.

It features a flying unicorn hauling Cat Santa’s sleigh. It also lights up!  I won 2nd place in the content since my sweater wasn’t technically ugly. Sweater in Action [Video]

I also decided to make my 3-year-old nephew a sweater.  He said he wanted a dinosaur.

If you want a sweater for your next Christmas party, let me know!  I’ll need enough advance notice to make one, though.


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Designer Con 2016 – Recap

Designer Con!  It came and went (like a fart).  I can’t believes it’s already over after months and weeks of late nights, cranking stuff out to bring to the show.  I sold some pieces, met some new people and got to visit some of the friends I made from the show last year.  It starts to feel like a family reunion to look forward to!   Luckily I don’t have to wait a whole year to see everyone again, with the new CurioCon coming up in May!


Day 1 with my sidekick, Sheri. Photo courtesy of the DCON team.


I made another Charizard, this time using my new 3Doodler pen. I also met the co-inventor of the pen, Maxwell, at the show, too! He told me “to keep up the good work” which means a lot!

Slideshow courtesy of EmbeddedJunkie (Thanks, Juan!)


Wrapping up the show with these two guys, Adrian and Ryan Soto. Looking forward to sharing a space with them at CurioCon!

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Compact Creatures – Pokemon Fan Art Show


I stumbled across a post about a Pokemon fan art show that was coming up in two weeks (at the time) and was immediately interested in participating as an artist.  But then saw that it was all the way in San Diego on a Tuesday night.  There was no way I could drop my work off or pick it up.  Luckily I decided to reach out to Thumbprint Gallery, who was curating the show at Basic Bar/Pizza, to see if they accepted art from non-locals, and to my delight, they did!  I’d just have to be responsible for shipping, both ways, which was totally understandable, and doable.  So without a minute to spare, I shipped off three 3Doodler pieces and my Chocolate Charizard.

Though I couldn’t attend the show, the collection of art looked great!


My three 3Doodler pieces. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.


You can kind of see my orange Chocolate Charizard piece on the right of the guy in a red shirt. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.

It turns out the 3Doodler Charizard sold at the show.  So that was pretty exciting to hear!

I’ll be looking forward to doing more shows with the gallery, once I can get Designer Con out of the way!

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