Line Attack 7 At Hive Gallery

I was invited to participate in Hive Gallery‘s annual Line Art show this year. So I decided to use my Super Fight cards to come up with a combination to draw. I pulled a mouse flying a wedge of cheese.

The show was great as usual. There was a lot of amazing line art. I always look forward to the different themed shows the gallery puts on. So I’ll be ready for the next one that piques my interest!

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Hive 13 Year Anniversary Show

Last year I made the 3D printed Beehive for Hive Gallery’s Anniversary show. This year I drew and painted some cats in bee costumes in a grid of cardboard boxes, inspired by this video.

It’s always fun to see the different bee-themed pieces the other artists come up with at this show.

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One with the Force

Thumbprint Gallery was having another Star Wars fan art show, so I decided to send in the Death Star!

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Robots & Unicorns

Robots & Unicorns…need I saw more!? This was a themed show that The Hive Gallery was throwing, so I couldn’t pass it up! I entered my Unicorn Delivery watercolor illustration. I also submitted my Flash Light Display as part of their Rising Stars of LA sub-show happening at the same time.

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Rising Stars of L.A – August Feature at Hive Gallery

On the schedule, earlier this year, this was supposed to be my first feature [ever] at an art gallery.  But, unexpectedly, I was invited to also be featured in the Line Art Show that took place a few months ago.  At any rate, this August feature is still a pretty big deal because now my featured wall space is in the FRONT of the gallery!  And not only that, I’m sharing this show with Plastic Jesus (one of my favorite street artists)!

The show runs from August 5 – September 5.  Fingers crossed for some sales!

10/18/17 UPDATE: The “Cat in an Airplane Box”, and “Cat in a Boat Box” paintings have sold via the Hive Gallery’s online store!

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Power Doodler

I made it onto the 3Doodler website as a Power Doodler!  You can read my profile here!

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Curio Con

The first Curio Con, as a vendor, was…..a learning experience.  Attendance was poor due to many factors (mostly the lack of advertising both online and on-site, and possibly the fact it was on Mother’s Day weekend), so a lot of the vendors had to make the best of it, whether it be interacting with each other or bringing projects with them to work on.  Might as well be productive if nothing else is going on, right?  I happened to be able to do both.  I met a new “supplier” for blank vinyl figures and parts, and I also worked on more 3Doodler pieces.

I’m not sure I’ll be having a space as the next Curio Con (if there is a next Curio Con), or if I’ll ever be vending at the first of any other kind of convention after this experience.  Without proven success, it’s just and expensive gamble.

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May the 4th Be With You

The Force was strong on the night of May 4th.  I had pieces in 3 different Star Wars related events and two sold!  The rainbow stormtrooper was shown at the Poppy & Prime Star Wars  x Stranger Things fan tribute show and the Princess Leia light display sold at Thumbprint Gallery’s “May the 4th Be With You” pop-up show!  Thanks to those who bought these pieces.  You totally made my  night!

My setup at the Poppy & Prime show.

You can catch my Princess Leia light at the very end of this clip from the Thumbprint Gallery Show.

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