Designer Con 2017

Designer Con. The show I look forward to every year. This time I brought some new stuff with me: 3D Pen bugs, new Inktober drawings that I watercolored from the booth, some painted RPG miniatures for display, new custom vinyl figures, and more.

The show had some highlights for me: selling the Iron Man x Rocketeer vinyl helmet to Mr. DCON himself, Ben Goretsky and finally selling the 31″ Stormtrooper and finding it would be going to be office decor!

Unfortunately, though, I found out DesignerCon would be moving to Anaheim for 2018 and would extend the show to be a 3-day event. It’s a little far, and a little too many days for it to be worth for me at the moment, so I think I’ll be skipping 2018 and seeing what else might be in store for me.

I painted Tyrion breaking bread at my booth, too!

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Sydtropolis at DesignerCon – Recap

DesignerCon was amazing!  I finally got to meet some of my Instagram people, met some NEW people, was invited to display my work at Outbreak Expo at Frank and Son in March, and my Star Wars customs will be going to be displayed for sale at Fan Alley in Anaheim!

The Mario Gallaxy Mega Munny also went to a great home.  The new owners were super stoked to have won it in the raffle.

I can’t wait for next year!

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