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One with the Force

Thumbprint Gallery was having another Star Wars fan art show, so I decided to send in the Death Star!

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 Art Show

I had gone to the last 2 comic cons and always scoped out the Art Show that was located upstairs at the Sails Pavilion at the Convention Center, which last year was right next to check-in/registration (where you get your free bags, lanyards, and program booklets). A prime location.

This year I decided to register for the Art Show to see how my stuff would do at a show as big as San Diego Comic Con.  Once it was confirmed that I was in the show, we got the news that the location of the art show was moving….to two hotels away from the Convention Center.  This presented all kinds of unknowns!  As far as attendance, foot traffic, signage, word of mouth, etc!  The only thing that might have been good was that because it was in a hotel, it would now be open to the public.  The Art Show would also be right next to the hall where you redeem any tickets or vouchers Hall H and/or panel attendees would receive and claim whatever free swag the panels were offering.  The problem with that, though, is that not everyone (including my step brother who receive a ticket) knew what to do with those tickets.

With that said, registered bidders for the Art Show was down 40%.  I should be considered lucky, and I’m definitely grateful, to have sold a few pieces!  Thank you to those that made time to find the Art Show, and to those who made purchases!  You have no idea how much you’ve improved people’s day(s) considering the obstacles we faced this year with the new location!


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Compact Creatures – Pokemon Fan Art Show


I stumbled across a post about a Pokemon fan art show that was coming up in two weeks (at the time) and was immediately interested in participating as an artist.  But then saw that it was all the way in San Diego on a Tuesday night.  There was no way I could drop my work off or pick it up.  Luckily I decided to reach out to Thumbprint Gallery, who was curating the show at Basic Bar/Pizza, to see if they accepted art from non-locals, and to my delight, they did!  I’d just have to be responsible for shipping, both ways, which was totally understandable, and doable.  So without a minute to spare, I shipped off three 3Doodler pieces and my Chocolate Charizard.

Though I couldn’t attend the show, the collection of art looked great!


My three 3Doodler pieces. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.


You can kind of see my orange Chocolate Charizard piece on the right of the guy in a red shirt. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.

It turns out the 3Doodler Charizard sold at the show.  So that was pretty exciting to hear!

I’ll be looking forward to doing more shows with the gallery, once I can get Designer Con out of the way!

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