Line Attack 7 At Hive Gallery

I was invited to participate in Hive Gallery‘s annual Line Art show this year. So I decided to use my Super Fight cards to come up with a combination to draw. I pulled a mouse flying a wedge of cheese.

The show was great as usual. There was a lot of amazing line art. I always look forward to the different themed shows the gallery puts on. So I’ll be ready for the next one that piques my interest!

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Hive 13 Year Anniversary Show

Last year I made the 3D printed Beehive for Hive Gallery’s Anniversary show. This year I drew and painted some cats in bee costumes in a grid of cardboard boxes, inspired by this video.

It’s always fun to see the different bee-themed pieces the other artists come up with at this show.

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One with the Force

Thumbprint Gallery was having another Star Wars fan art show, so I decided to send in the Death Star!

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Robots & Unicorns

Robots & Unicorns…need I saw more!? This was a themed show that The Hive Gallery was throwing, so I couldn’t pass it up! I entered my Unicorn Delivery watercolor illustration. I also submitted my Flash Light Display as part of their Rising Stars of LA sub-show happening at the same time.

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Designer Con 2017

Designer Con. The show I look forward to every year. This time I brought some new stuff with me: 3D Pen bugs, new Inktober drawings that I watercolored from the booth, some painted RPG miniatures for display, new custom vinyl figures, and more.

The show had some highlights for me: selling the Iron Man x Rocketeer vinyl helmet to Mr. DCON himself, Ben Goretsky and finally selling the 31″ Stormtrooper and finding it would be going to be office decor!

Unfortunately, though, I found out DesignerCon would be moving to Anaheim for 2018 and would extend the show to be a 3-day event. It’s a little far, and a little too many days for it to be worth for me at the moment, so I think I’ll be skipping 2018 and seeing what else might be in store for me.

I painted Tyrion breaking bread at my booth, too!

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Rising Stars of L.A – August Feature at Hive Gallery

On the schedule, earlier this year, this was supposed to be my first feature [ever] at an art gallery.  But, unexpectedly, I was invited to also be featured in the Line Art Show that took place a few months ago.  At any rate, this August feature is still a pretty big deal because now my featured wall space is in the FRONT of the gallery!  And not only that, I’m sharing this show with Plastic Jesus (one of my favorite street artists)!

The show runs from August 5 – September 5.  Fingers crossed for some sales!

10/18/17 UPDATE: The “Cat in an Airplane Box”, and “Cat in a Boat Box” paintings have sold via the Hive Gallery’s online store!

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 Art Show

I had gone to the last 2 comic cons and always scoped out the Art Show that was located upstairs at the Sails Pavilion at the Convention Center, which last year was right next to check-in/registration (where you get your free bags, lanyards, and program booklets). A prime location.

This year I decided to register for the Art Show to see how my stuff would do at a show as big as San Diego Comic Con.  Once it was confirmed that I was in the show, we got the news that the location of the art show was moving….to two hotels away from the Convention Center.  This presented all kinds of unknowns!  As far as attendance, foot traffic, signage, word of mouth, etc!  The only thing that might have been good was that because it was in a hotel, it would now be open to the public.  The Art Show would also be right next to the hall where you redeem any tickets or vouchers Hall H and/or panel attendees would receive and claim whatever free swag the panels were offering.  The problem with that, though, is that not everyone (including my step brother who receive a ticket) knew what to do with those tickets.

With that said, registered bidders for the Art Show was down 40%.  I should be considered lucky, and I’m definitely grateful, to have sold a few pieces!  Thank you to those that made time to find the Art Show, and to those who made purchases!  You have no idea how much you’ve improved people’s day(s) considering the obstacles we faced this year with the new location!


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Hive Gallery 12th Anniversary Bee Themed Show

I was invited to make a piece for The Hive Gallery’s 12th Anniversary show, which was going to be bee themed.  I was supposed to come up with my own avatar (a self portrait but in bee form in “hiveland”).  Portraits [of people] aren’t things I do, but I did have a great idea for a 3D printed and 3D drawing shadow box light display.  I ran the concept by Nathan, the curator, and he liked it!  So I got started on it.

I’m new to 3D printing and definitely a beginner with 3D modeling.  But after reviewing a few simple Blender tutorials online, I felt confident enough that I could make an extruded hexagon as my honeycombs.  About 2 hours later, I figured it out and I was ready to send it to print, using clear plastic on my Micro3D printer.

Take a look at the progress of making this display.

There are:

  • 96 3D printed honeycombs that took 1hr/pc to print (so 96 hrs of printing, not including a few of the scrapped pieces)
  • 13 3Doodled bees, including a queen bee.
  • 100 LED lights.

A look at how I made the bees:

Making the rest of the ? ? ? with my @3doodler.

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And here’s a look at it at the show!

If interested in purchasing it, please go here.

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Ghibli 3: A Hayao Miyazaki Fan Art Show

A few years ago I bought the Studio Ghibli collector’s DVD set that had a lot of the animated films so that I could see what the fuss was all about, and started out with Grave of the Fireflies I believe.  And let’s just say it wasn’t long before I was telling myself that it WAS NOT a children’s cartoon!  It was a powerful and gut-wrenching story, though.  The art and animation style was nothing like I had seen before.  So after Grave of the Fireflies, I started Spirited Away.  It was a cute, imaginative story, and again, the art was great!  I began to see what so many people were inspired by it.  Eventually I watched My Neighbor, Totoro and instantly wished I had a Totoro of my own to cuddle and be friends with.    I’ve seen an handful of the other Studio Ghilbli films, but not all of the ones that came in the DVD set (it came with 17 after-all!)

Needless to say when I saw that Thumbprint Gallery had a Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki Fan Art show coming up, I had to make something!

Luckily I found a blank, loose Dudebox figure, which I believe are discontinued and originated in the UK, at DesignerCon.  I had been looking for one at a good price in the US for some time.  Granted, I wasn’t looking very hard, so it felt more like fate to have found it at the “garage sale” booth at my favorite convention.

I knew JUST what to do with it:  turn it into Totoro for the art show!  I’d even give it an umbrella and leaf hat.

The painting was pretty easy.  The umbrella, in my head, was easy, but when it came to forming the shell of the umbrella, things weren’t going as planned.  Plans A (foam and wire) and B (sheet of plastic heated over wire) did not work, and for some reason it took me too long to remember that I had a 3D printer!  And low and behold someone on Thingiverse had the perfect model!  I just needed to modify the handle, no big deal.  Once I got that done, things were going well.  The only problem I ran into was that when I moved Totoro’s arm to hold the umbrella, the paint around his armpits would scrape.  So I had to do a few touch-ups once I got it into the right position.

Here are the process pictures:

Here he is at the show:

And guess what?  He sold!

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