Designer Con 2016 – Recap

Designer Con!  It came and went (like a fart).  I can’t believes it’s already over after months and weeks of late nights, cranking stuff out to bring to the show.  I sold some pieces, met some new people and got to visit some of the friends I made from the show last year.  It starts to feel like a family reunion to look forward to!   Luckily I don’t have to wait a whole year to see everyone again, with the new CurioCon coming up in May!


Day 1 with my sidekick, Sheri. Photo courtesy of the DCON team.


I made another Charizard, this time using my new 3Doodler pen. I also met the co-inventor of the pen, Maxwell, at the show, too! He told me “to keep up the good work” which means a lot!

Slideshow courtesy of EmbeddedJunkie (Thanks, Juan!)


Wrapping up the show with these two guys, Adrian and Ryan Soto. Looking forward to sharing a space with them at CurioCon!

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Compact Creatures – Pokemon Fan Art Show


I stumbled across a post about a Pokemon fan art show that was coming up in two weeks (at the time) and was immediately interested in participating as an artist.  But then saw that it was all the way in San Diego on a Tuesday night.  There was no way I could drop my work off or pick it up.  Luckily I decided to reach out to Thumbprint Gallery, who was curating the show at Basic Bar/Pizza, to see if they accepted art from non-locals, and to my delight, they did!  I’d just have to be responsible for shipping, both ways, which was totally understandable, and doable.  So without a minute to spare, I shipped off three 3Doodler pieces and my Chocolate Charizard.

Though I couldn’t attend the show, the collection of art looked great!


My three 3Doodler pieces. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.


You can kind of see my orange Chocolate Charizard piece on the right of the guy in a red shirt. Photo by Thumbprint Gallery.

It turns out the 3Doodler Charizard sold at the show.  So that was pretty exciting to hear!

I’ll be looking forward to doing more shows with the gallery, once I can get Designer Con out of the way!

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

I was pretty excited to hear that The Hive Gallery was having their third annual “Secret Art of Animators” show as well as a “Saturday Morning Cartoon” themed show that I could participate in.  Without hesitation, I started brainstorming and sifting through a million ideas.

Nathan, the curator, had mentioned that he liked my Birdsicles from the previous show I was in, and wanted me to do something along those lines.  That fact that I used Popsicle sticks got me thinking about food.  After running by a few ideas, I decided to make a shaped ice cream of a 90’s character that was never made and settled on Reptar.  I thought it would be interesting to have the Reptar pop stick in a thick over-grown blob of ice, as if it were a time capsule or something lost from the 90s and then found in present day.

The result it what you see below.

Reptarsicle Saurus


I also came up with a funny museum type placard to go with it.

(1990’s era, about 25 years ago)
Discovered in an ice cream cart
freezer in Southern California

Much to my surprise, when I got to the gallery on opening night, I see that it was placed right in the center of the Saturday Morning Cartoon wall.  The art that it was surrounded by was great, too!  It was in perfect company.


It’ll be available and on display at the gallery until October 29th.


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Pancakes & Booze Show – September 2016

I showed some art in my second Pancakes & Booze show this month.  This time it featured a zombie fashion show on Night 2, which was a blast!


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4th Annual Coaster Show

I had always wanted to be a part of the Coast Show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood.  This year my dreams came true!  My three “Bill Purray” cats got into the show, and not only, that….on opening night when I had arrived, it was super packed and I saw that the “St. Vincent” one was already sold!

The show will be on display until October 2nd and coasters will be available to purchase online after that.  If you’re in town, check it out!

img_5609 img_5611


On the closing day of the show, the remaining 2 cats SOLD!  And much to my pleasure, I found out that all 3 cats went to the same buyer.  I’m so happy they all went together!


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Show at The Hive Gallery

I responded to an open call for art for an upcoming show at The Hive Gallery, a gallery I like to go to during the Downtown Artwalk.  Not expecting much, it turns out my “Fowl Birdsicles” were chosen to be a part of their Artists of LA section during a multi-themed event that was held July 9th – July 30th.  The birds didn’t sell but it was part of a great show and venue!  I’m looking forward to being able to show more work there in the future!


My birds are in the lower left corner.

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